About Me

Maasa Nishimura is a Japanese artist. She started studying painting in 2007 and earned her B.A from Franklin Pierce College in NH. She completed her M.F.A at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York in 2014. After that, she worked for a Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami, in NYC. Maasa mainly works on oil paint as her artwork.

-Artist Statement-
In my travels around the world, I have often found myself in surroundings that are quite alien when compared to my native Japan, both linguistically and culturally. In these foreign lands, facial gestures were often found to be a natural and universal method of communicating thoughts and responses. The collage of emotions portrayed in my artworks are the first in a series that strives to come alive as a kaleidoscope of human emotions, allowing the viewer to go on a personal journey of discovery.
"My goal as an artist is to highlight the intrinsic emotional connection that we as humans share, a connection that transcends barriers of race, gender, culture and language to name a few."

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